Cellular Release Therapy® (CRT)

What is Cellular Release Therapy® (CRT)?

Whether you are trying to recover from a recent traumatic incident or something that occurred years ago, the residual charge of unresolved events sits within cellular memory and remains there. This charge includes beliefs and conclusions made at the time of the event(s) and will continue to replay out into current life situations and relationships until the original experience is resolved. How this charge is felt is different for everyone but can commonly be felt as stress, fatigue, depression, isolation, insomnia, tears, anger, guilt, anxiety, addictions, ill health, pain; generally some level of discomfort.

Cellular Release Therapy® (CRT) is a process and system developed by Anne DeChenne Drucker, an American clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. CRT a powerful tool to release and clear all unresolved events, feelings, beliefs, habits, patterns, blame and punishment of yourself and others from any event, no matter how old. CRT allows your mind and body to let go of that charge it has been carrying. CRT can also be used to resolve feelings, fears, pain or illness that has occurred without any knowledge or understanding of why you suffer in the way you do.

During the clearing process, the therapist asks permission from the client's subconscious to release and clear all residual charge. Once permission has been received, a directive is given to set the clearing process into motion. This process is not used for memory recall and allows the client to clear residual charge from even the most difficult experiences without having to relive the experience.

How does Cellular Release Therapy® differ from other methods of hypnotherapy?

Cellular Release Therapy® (CRT) is a permission-based process, in that the method works with what your subconscious is storing. CRT is not a suggestive form of hypnotherapy, i.e. making the suggestions that you will now feel or act a certain way.

CRT works by resolving your past to then change your feelings and behaviours, as apposed to making suggestions to create positive change without resolving past events.

What is involved in the hypnosis/clearing sessions?

First we will chat through the traumatic events that are going to be cleared in that same session, you can share as little or much information as you want, as your subconscious mind will clear the rest.

When you are ready, I will then make suggestions to help you rest and relax from head to toe.

Cellular Release Therapy® is a type of hypnotherapy that doesn't require you to speak during the clearing sessions. You will use your index finger to say 'yes' or little finger to say 'no', in response to my questions. For example I will ask...."are you now able to release and clear all thoughts, feelings and bodily and energetic memories of (being pushed over at school, for example)". You will lift which ever finger feels light (yes/no) and if no, I will ask, "is this providing protection for you in someway"....etc...until you can release it. Ultimately no means no, if you aren't ready to let something go, we move on to the next item to be cleared. Sometimes there is a hierarchy of healing, and some events will need to be cleared first.

Even though this method of clearing is non-verbal you are able to speak during the hypnosis session if there is something you feel you need to express.

How long will it take to make some improvement?

It will depend on what you want to achieve and how much there is to clear. Change and feeling better is often felt after the first few sessions, we may clear something in the first session that creates a big change or it may be something that gets cleared further down the line after a few layers have been stripped back that really creates a big shift.

Will I remember what I've cleared?

Clearing events in a hypnotherapy session won't erase your memories. You will still be able to recall the event but it now won't carry a charge with it that causes stress to your body and mind.

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