Testimonials for CRT

'My CRT session with Becky was a very relaxing experience. She was very thorough in her questioning and then was able to work her magic relieving me of my problem of driving on the motorway, following my motorway accident. Whilst also resolving my back pain. Absolutely amazing.'

Chris M from Castle Bromwich

'A million thank you's Becky! My autoimmune condition has improved, my hair has stopped falling out and I've found an inner calm I didn't know existed. I was skeptical at first but as we continued with the sessions I found myself acknowledging things we'd discussed but in a different way. Thank you for your sensitive approach, something I feel comes naturally to you. I hope other people find you and benefit in a way I have

Liz K, Cheltenham

'At the first session I felt doubtful and unsure about what was going to happen. Becky soon put me completely at ease and I was able to relax and make a lot of progress during our sessions together. My life has more meaning and I feel that I can embrace life more fully.'

Sandie, Bishops Cleeve

'I had a course of CRT with Becky for various reasons but came to realise that many of these surround a controlling behaviour and OCD type tendencies to manage stresses of life. It's very easy to think that some behaviours are normal, just because we've done them for a long time. Having treatment with Becky really helped me to let go of a lot of old beliefs and behaviours and feel that I had the ability to manage my mind better, clear a few things out and get a fresh perspective. We get our cars MOT'd, our teeth checked, our windows cleaned regularly but we fail often to look after our minds, arguably the most important part of it all.  🙂 Thanks Becky'

Rachel, Cheltenham

IEMT and massage combo testimonial after one session

Hi Becky thank you so much for yesterday. I have just had a long sleep last night with no 2am wake up! I am feeling much better.

I was able to walk with better balance without a limp. The pain is now easily down to 4! I will continue with these exercises. I will see how it goes and maybe visit again if I need to.

You are an excellent therapist. Thanks again.

Jenny S, Cheltenham

Assessment using pdtr, massage and a session of CRT to finish

I found Becky very helpful and thorough in her assessment of my symptoms and issues to enable me to reach the best resolution possible. Becky used a combination of her methods including massage and CRT, which really helped my symptoms over longer term, where other therapists and methods hadn't been able to resolve the underlying issues. CRT was interesting and although I was sceptical, as I had not heard of this method before, I gave it a go and found the combination of this and massage very useful to bring about long lasting symptom improvement. I would definitely recommend Becky and her approach.

Lisa, Cheltenham

Pain Management and Health Therapy