What to expect from a session with me

I like to work holistically with an individual, meaning that I find it is important to take into account past or present events or feelings that may be contributing to presenting symptoms.

A person's inner environment or external environment can also be having an effect, such as diet and chemical intolerances, as well as fungal or bacterial exposure, medications, sunlight (mainly lack of it). Everyone is different so what one person is sensitive to or affected by may not apply to someone else.

Once all of this is considered, I will make some recommendations and a plan of action and in terms of treatment I offer, there are four methods I like to use: CRT, IEMT and movement. Please see below for more information on each of these.

A one to one movement session:

In the first session, I will spend a good 20 minutes assessing how you move, listening to you and your history of symptoms and asking some questions to help me decide where to go and what to focus on. To help you make further improvements at home I will also email exercises or changes to make.

For you first visit you will need to fill out a form which you will receive on arrival, so please allow an extra 5-10 minutes for this. These sessions are one hour long.

A CRT or IEMT session:

Please get in touch with me first via phone or email, as a preliminary consultation maybe needed prior to the first session. If so I offer my time free of charge for the consultation.

IEMT sessions are one hour, CRT or a mix of CRT and IEMT is two hours. Please see below to find out more about CRT and IEMT.

Methods That I Use


Exploring your movement is a wonderful way of becoming aware of why you are presenting with the symptoms you have and a wonderful way of reducing those symptoms. I combine movements from my training in Anatomy in Motion, taught by Gary Ward and Pilates, as well as everything I’ve absorbed over the last decade from studying the human body and exploring movement for myself.

Once you know which movements help you, you can continue to do these in your own time to continue your progress. I am particularly fond of exploring movement as many who are in pain become fearful of it, but once you discover that you can, not only move with less pain but improve it, it is very empowering.

Subconscious Healing

This work is beneficial to for us all, but not everyone is ready to explore it or realises the roll it can play. I use two methods for working with the subconscious mind, Cellular Release Therapy® (CRT) and Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT). Both can be used to help our mental health when suffering with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and any phobias or addictions. CRT and IEMT can also be used to help improve our physical health too, such as asthma, IBS, skin conditions such as psoriasis, as well as physical pains.

For those with physical symptoms such as pain, migraines, extreme fatigue, or health conditions for example, I recommend exploring this avenue when:

1) Clients with symptoms that have presented since a difficult/traumatic experience, whether that be loss of a loved one, a car crash or an attack for example.
2) Clients have chronic long-term symptoms that have not been resolved through manual or exercise based techniques and medical tests provide no answers.
3) Clients acknowledge that stress or the way they feel changes their symptoms.

Pain Management and Health Therapy